At Knoxville Christian Center, we’re not just friends; we are family. One of the deepest desires of each of us is to build meaningful relationships with others. This is especially true of new Christians who desire to develop their spiritual life. Such relationships can be found through membership in the local church, which provides mutual benefits and responsibilities for both the church and the members. Life should not be lived alone; we hope you will get connected with us!

My church expects me to….

  • Faithfully attend its services.
  • Be aware of the total church program locally and globally and support it by prayer.
  • Live a consistent Christian life.
  • Serve in the church and its outreach according to my abilities.
  • Share my Christian testimony by word and life on a person-to-person basis.
  • Support its work by the methods of tithing (giving a tenth of my income) and offerings.

I expect my church to…

  • Minister to my spiritual needs, especially through the preaching of the Word.
  • Assist me with godly counsel, especially in times of decision, stress, and difficulty.
  • Provide me with opportunities for building healthy Christian friendships.
  • Provide me and my family with correct biblical instruction.
  • Sustain me by the prayers and concern of pastors and fellow believers in all distressing circumstances of life.
  • Be a sound steward of my financial and personal investments in the kingdom of God.