21 Days Of Prayer & Fasting

Need to receive a breakthrough in an area of your life? Begin 2023 by seeking God for His will, wisdom, deliverance and healing, help for your family members or co-workers, or whatever you are praying about. For 34 years the Knoxville Christian Center has begun the New Year with 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for our nation, church, and families. Starting Sunday, January 1st, we will have miracle services each night (except Saturdays) until Sunday, January 22nd. On Sunday mornings Dr. Barry Culberson will give a powerful, scripture-based message and instruct on fasting successfully. Each night we will have a dynamic guest speaker who will enlighten and encourage you and if desired, pray for you. We have seen countless miracles each year; we hope you will come and receive your miracle!

January 1-3 Dr. Joe Njoroge
Dr. Joe was born in Kenya and was training to become a witch doctor, then he met Jesus. He is now a University Professor.
January 4-6 Dr. Rick Mays
Dr. Mays is an outstanding medical doctor that also believes in the healing power of the Holy Spirit.
January 8-10 Dr. Tim Todd
Tim Todd is a nationally known full time “front-lines” evangelist and founder of Revival Fires International.
January 11-13 Dr. Bob Rodgers
Dr. Bob has served as senior pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center for more than 30 years. He is deeply passionate about prayer and fasting. He is the author of over 60 books including the best seller, The 21 Day Fast.
January 15-17 Agnes Mayila
Ferdinand & Agnes lead the prayer ministry at New Life Church in Georgia. Agnes will be teaching on how to be effective in prayer.
January 18-20 Dr. Barry Culberson
Pastor Barry will be emphasizing Biblical teaching on healing.
Guidelines to a long fast

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